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Irish Death Records from 1857

Irish Deaths 1857

The following death announcements are transcribed from the New York City newspaper The Irish-American

March 14th edition
In Dublin, Mary, only child of the late Colonel Roger S. KEATINGE.
January 31 in Dublin, James BARRY, Esq., Clerk of the Crown, for the county Kildare.

February 3 at her residence, Fitzwilliam Square, Dublin, Eliza Marcella DOWELL, daughter of the late Simon John DOWELL, of Gort, county Roscommon.

At 135 Great Brunswick Street, Dublin, in the 60th year of her age, Mrs. FARRELL.

February 9 at his residence, Stephen's Green, Dublin, Nicholaus HEARN, Esq.

February 11 at his residence, 21 Rutland Square, Dublin, George O'KELLY, Esq., of Barre?stown, county Kildare.

At Charlemont Avenue, Dublin, Charles R MAUNSELL, Esq., son of Major MAUNSELL, late District Paymaster of Newry.

February 6 at Mountpleasant Square, Rathmines, Frances, daughter of of the late Christopher READ, Esq., of Bellview, Hillsborough, county Down.

February 8 at Dundrum, Charlotte, youngest daughter of the late Thomas McCASKEY, Esq., of Roebuck.

February 9 at Bayview Avenue, Dublin, Charlotte, beloved wife of James LYNCH, Esq., and daughter of the late Louis ROCHFORT, of Ballycumber House.

February 4 in county Down, Anne, wife of the Rev. Wm. CROZIER.

February 5 at Leemount Street, Cork, Goodwin YOUNG, Esq.

February 5 at Shaen, near Maryborough, aged 18 years, June, only daughter of the late Thomas KEMMIS, Esq.

February 5 in Cork, Mary, relict of Julius C. BESNARD, Esq., of that city.
February 6, Jane, wife of Thomas FITZSIMON, of Onlart, Esq., sub-inspector of Constabulary.

February 7 at Grove, Fethard, county Tipperary, William BARTON, Esq.

February 7 at Toomavara, Melian Charlotte, daughter of J. SEALY, Esq., late of Richmond, county Cork.

February 11 in Limerick, Mrs. FOSTER, wife of the Archdeacon of Aghadoe.

February 8 at Bridgesfort, county Meath, Anne, wife of B. KELLET, Esq.

January 19 at Kilbeggan, after a few days illness, Peter REYNOLDS, M.R.C.S.I.

At Balindra?, aged 90 years, Mr. Henry McHUGH, brother to the late Very Rev. A. McHUGH, Vicar-General of the dicoese of Derry.

February 2 at Ramsay, Isle of Man, Catherine, second daughter of J. SHILLINGTON, Esq., of Portadown, county Armagh.

On the 18th Oct. at his residence, Surrey Hills, Sydney, Michael STAPLETON, of Dunmore, county Kilkenny, Ireland. He has left a wife and child to deplore his loss.

March 21st edition
At Moorpark, the wife of Thomas HACKETT, Esq., J.P.

At Kingston, George Henry OVEREND, Esq., of the Royal Bank.

In Dublin, William WHITE, Esq., of Shrubbs, youngest son of the late Luke WHITE, M.P Woodlands.

In Dublin, Charlotte, widow of the late Robert BORROWES, of Cilltown and Martinstown, county Kildare.

Maria, second daughter of the late Rev. William BETTY of Dublin.

Joseph BOOTH, Esq., of Darver Castle, county Louth.

At Dorrington, county Westmeath, Frederic William, youngest son of the late Sir George GRAY, Esq.

In Londonderry, Jane, wife of Arthur McCORKELL, Esq., solicitor.

At Boardstown, Maryanne, daughter of the late Jas. FLEMING, Esq.

After the attack on Bashire, from diarrhea, Mr Wm. Samuel HIGGINBOTHAM, eldest son of Mr. John HIGGINBOTHAM of Dublin.

In Melbourne, Henry GEOGHEGAN, Esq., solicitor, late of Dublin.

At sea, on his passage home, Lieut. James Julian SMITH, 8th Madras Native Infantry, eldest surviving son of the Rev. James SMITH, Strabane.

At Rhea, in county Tipperary, Mrs. Michael KENNEDY, relict of the late Michael KENNEDY, Esq.

At Drogheda, Jane, wife of George F. ARGLES, Esq.

At High-park, Parsonstown, of scaristina, Mary Jane, eldest daughter of William WOODS, Esq., aged 11 years.

In Bank-place, Limerick, Anne, the beloved wife of Mr. Patrick HERBERT.

In Coloony Street, Limerick, Mrs. LLOYD.

At Ringmeen, Queenstown, Cork, Elizabeth Anne, Countess of Huntingdon.

At his residence, Evergreen, Cork, Michael O'CALLAGHAN, Esq., aged 82 years, father of Eugene O'CALLAGHAN, Esq., Limerick.

March 28th edition
November 14 at Melbourne, Australia, Henry GEOGHEGAN, Esq., solicitor, late of Dublin.

February 15, Maria, second daughter of the late Rev. William BETTY, of Rutland Square, Dublin.

February 17 at Leinster Road, Dublin, Lieutenant Joseph P MILLER, of the 13th Light Infantry, son of the late Captain MILLER, of the 25th Regt., formerly of Ennis, county Clare.

February 18 at Mohill, county Leitrim, Elizabeth Margaret, relict of Col. N. KANE, of Dublin.
February 19 in Dublin, Joseph BOOTH, Esq., of Darver Castle, county Louth, aged 74 years.

February 24, Mr. Thomas KELLY, aged 76 years, for the last seven years an inmate of Simpson's Hospital, Dublin.

February 20, at No. 4 Clifton Terrace, Monkstown, Harriet, beloved wife of John LITTLEDALE, Esq.

February 23, at at William's Park, Rathmines, E. GALAVAN, Esq.

February 14 at Corballis, county Meath, at an advanced age, Rose, relict of John HUGHES.

February 18, at Ringmeen, Queenstown, the Countess of Huntington.

February 19, in Londonderry, Jane, wife of Arthur McCORKELL, Esq., solicitor.

February 11 at Harristown, Queen's County, Grace, the beloved wife of Patrick McKEY, Esq., aged 29 years.

February 18 in Sligo, Jane, relict of Richard French CLIFFORD, Esq.,M.D.

February 18 at Whitehall, county Antrim, J. WHITE, Esq.

February 18 at Newton, near Thurles, county Tipperary, Mr. Wm BURKE, aged 89 years.

February 20 in Limerick, Grace, relict of John Hall LLOYD, Esq., of Mount Catherine, county Tipperary.

February 21 in his 48th year, William GARNET, Esq., J.P., Doniver House, Moynalty.

January 29 at Boardstown, Maryanne, daughter of the late James FLEMING, Esq.

At Mitchelstown, aged 87 years, Jane, relict of Thos. M. EVANS, Esq., M.D., of Cashel.

February 23 at the Doon, in King's County, suddenly, Francis Enright MOONEY, Esq.

February 24 in Wexford, John TATLOCK, Esq., aged 80 years.

February 24 in Belfast, aged 90 years, the Rev. Thos. Dix HINCKS.

February 15 at Pau, Basses Pyrenees, Charlotte Sarah, wife of Robert BATT, Esq., of Purdsytown, county Down.

February 19 at Pleaberstown, county Kilkenny, Mr. Patrick MURPHY, at the venerable age of 82, father of the Rev. Timothy MURPHY, O.S.A., Drogheda.

April 4th edition
February 23 in Hume Street, Dublin, the widow of T.S. BERRY, Esq.

February 25 in Winetavern Street, Dublin, aged 74 years, Mr. E O'REILLY, formerly of Oldcastle, county Meath.

February 25 at his residence, Portland Place, Dublin, after a protracted illness, William A. WALSH, Esq.

February 26 at Stephen's Green, Dublin, Grace, wife of William WOODRUFFE, Esq., solicitor.

February 27 in Dublin, Sarah Juliana, eldest daughter of the Rev. John AUCHINLECK, of Dunboyne, county Meath.

February 28, aged 29 years, after a long illness, William, the beloved son of Mr. W. HUTCHINSON.
February 28, suddenly, William MILLER, Esq., solicitor, of Gardiner's Place, Dublin, son of the late Rev. Dr. MILLER, of Armagh.

February 28 at 19 Richmond Street, Portobello, Agnes, the beloved wife of Mr. George KING, aged 29 years.

March 1, in Dublin, Elizabeth, widow of J. GIBBON, Esq., and sister of James GERRARD, Esq., formerly of Skeigh, county Kildare.

March 3 at his residence, 109 Upper Dorset Street, Dublin, Mr. James BRENNAN.

March 4, in the 58th year of her age, Jane, the beloved wife of John JEMISON, Esq., 7 Drumcondra Terrace, East Dublin.

March 2 in the 34th year of his age, at the residence of his brother Lahurnum Lodge, North Sirand, Dublin, Frederick, youngest son of of the late Edward DAVIS, Esq.

February 26 at Northcote Avenue, Kingstown, R. Xavier MURPHY, Esq., late chief translator and interpreter of the Supreme Court of Judicature, Bombay.

February 24 at Vergemount, Edward RIELY, Esq., youngest son of the late E. RIELY, Esq., of Whitehall, county Wicklow.

March 2 at Blackrock, county Dublin, Anna Eleanor Lindsay, daughter of the Rev. Norman JOHNSTON.

February 28 at Lower Mount Pleasant Avenue, Rathmines, aged 23 years, Miss Jane CAMPBELL DOYLE, of a lingering illness.

March 4 at Vesey Place, Monkstown, Samuel PARKER, Esq., aged 70 years.

February 21 at Carrickbreda, county Armagh, aged 70 years, Arthur JOHNSTON, Esq., M.D.

February 24 at Cargycory, near Lisburn, aged 84 years, J. GRAHAM, Esq.

February 24, Alieia, wife of R. SARGINT, Esq., M.D., and eldest daughter of the Rev. J.B. WALLACE, of Ardmore, county Waterford.

February 24 at Tarbert Island, county Kerry, Louisa, only daughter of Richard LESLIE, Esq.

February 25 at Mallow, John GALWAY, Esq. M.D.

February 25 at Johnstown, Mary Jane, relict of Garrett NAGLE, Esq., of Waterford.

February 25 in Cork, Mary Anne, daughter of the late S. WINTHROP, formerly Captain in the 65th regiment.

At Glencor, the residence of his father, the Rev. Edward KEON, Catholic Curator of Clones.

February 26 in Sligo, aged 80 years, Dorothea, daughter of the late John ORMSOY, Esq., of Cummin.

February 28, Wm. K.M. MCCLINTOCK, of Hampstead Hall, Londonderry.

March 1 at Toomner Glebe, Roscommon, Anne Jane, wife of the Rev. Brent NEVILLE.

February 28 at the residence of Rev. William BARRON, P.P. Hospital, Miss Louisa M.A. QUINN, second daughter of the late P. QUINN, Esq., Thurles.

April 11th edition
At St Vincent's College, Castleknock, the Rev. Roger KICKHAM, C.M., in the 50th year of his age.

March 12, Eliza, wife of Mr. Christopher McAULEY, of Dublin.

March 12 in Perry Place, Dublin, Hannah, wife of N. GORE, Esq.



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