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Irish Chicago Deaths

Irish Chicago Death Records

The following are death records of Irish people from Co. Limerick who died in Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.

1.) CRONIN Johanna, nee O'BRIEN, at 2008 W. 38th st., Brighton Pk., Aug. 21 1889, wife of John, native of Parish Ballygran, Co. Limerick. Burial Calvary.
2.) Jerry CRONIN born Sep. 20, 1885 of John CRONIN and Johanna O'BRIEN, 2716  W. 38th st., married Oct. 5, 1910 to Minnie CRONIN born March 9, 1886 in (New) Castlewest, Limerick, of Patrick SULLIVAN and Margaret McCARTHY. (17)
3.) CRONIN John, at the Alexian Bros. Hospital, March 8, 1887, aged 58 yrs. native of Co. Limerick. Burial Calvary (1)
4.) CRONIN John, died Nov. 14, 1897, aged 45 yrs., husband of Ellen, nee GAYER,  native of Knockaderry, Co. Limerick, at resid., 565 W. 43rd st. Funeral from  St. Gabriel's Church to Calvary. Detroit and New York papers please copy - Nov. 16, 1897 
 5.) KEATING  Margaret, nee McCARTHY, wife of Thomas, 197 Center ave., on March 25, aged 59 yrs. Her husband was an old resident of Chicago, and a successful contractor. She was born near Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick and came to America early in life. She came westward with her family and married Mr. KEATING April 14, 1861 in Chicago.

Eleven children were born, eight of whom survived:  Matthew, Thomas J., Mrs. D. E. DESMOND, Stephen P., John F., Francis J., Robert Emmet, and Miss Margaret KEATING. Her husband was in business in Chicago for more than forty years, and superintended the construction of many well-known structures, among them: the Chicago Times Bldg., the W. F. Storey mansion, the Kankakee Insane Asylum and more than a dozen churches. Funeral occurred from St. Patrick's Church to Mt. Olivet. -April 7, 1900 
6.) HERBERT  Katie, daughter of Patrick and Mary, nee McCARTHY, sister of Mrs. J. NIHILL, Mrs. J. LYNCH, Mrs. M. HEALEY, James, Patrick and Nora HERBERT, aged 17 yrs., 5 mos., native of Newcastle West, Co. Limerick. Funeral from resid., 931 W. 37th st. to Nativity Church to Mt. Olivet -April 9, 1898 
7.) HERBERT, Patrick B., Aug. 7, 1900, husband of Mary, nee McCARTHY, father of  Mrs. T. MIHILL, Mrs. J. LYNCH, Mrs. M. HEALY, James, Patrick, and Nora HERBERT, native of Co. Limerick. Funeral from resid., 931 W. 37th st. to Nativity Church to Mt. Olivet
 8.) SHANAHAN, Mary, Aug. 7, 1891, wife of Gregory, native of Cloughready,
Co. Limerick, aged 28 yrs. Funeral from resid., 3029 Hanover St. to All Saints
Church to Mt. Olivet (1)
9.) SHANAHAN  Mary, nee CAHILL, Jan. 25, 1897, at her daughter's resid., Mrs  C. F. LANG, 5309 Union, mother of Johanna, Mary SHANAHAN, Nora CULLINANE, and Thomas SHANAHAN, aged 69 yrs., native of Co. Limerick. Burial Calvary 
10.) SHANAHAN  Thomas, at resid., 966 - 37th Pl. on June 5, aged 74 yrs. He was born in Drumkeen, Co. Limerick in 1827 and with his brother, Patrick and his  sister, Mary, the late Mrs. William RALEIGH, came to America in 1848 and resided in Hudson and Cold Spring, NY until Sept., 1853 when their mother and two other sisters, the late Mrs. Patrick GRADY and Rev. Mother Mary Francis of Joliet, IL, came to Chicago and have resided here ever since.

Mr. SHANAHAN was a plain, upright man and thoroughly honest in all his dealings.   He leaves his widow, a son and two daughters, Mrs. John SLAVIN and Margaret SHANAHAN, also an older brother, Patrick SHANAHAN. Funeral occurred from Nativity Church to Calvary. -June 15, 1901 

11.) SHANAHAN  Timothy, at 556 W. 42nd st., native of Parish Drunkeen, Co. Limerick, aged 64 yrs. Funeral from St. Gabriel's Church to Calvary -Feb. 5,  1886 (1

12.) SHANAHAN  Winifred, Jan. 25, 1882, at her son-in-law's resid., Alexander PATTERSON, 215 E. Van Buren st., aged 84 yrs., native of Hospital, Co. Limerick.  Funeral from St. Mary's Church to Calvary. St. Louis, New Orleans,  and Limerick papers please copy. 
13.) DOOLEY, Sgt. Thomas, brother of Michael DOOLEY, and Mrs. Thomas SULLIVAN, died of lung trouble at his residence, 606 S. California Ave. on the 10th inst. He was a native of Ballyhahill, Co. Limerick, aged 51 years, and came to America at the age of 22.  He leaves a wife and nine children. Funeral from St. Charles Borromeo Church to Calvary. -Nov. 18, 1893

14.) DOOLEY  Mary, nee MALONEY, at resid., 610 S. California, native of Co. Limerick, aged 90 yrs., 6 mos., mother of Micha



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